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Car Auctions In Japan
I want to see car auctions in Japan
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How About Damaged Cars From Japan

Where are all the damaged or crashed cars in Japan?

So How About Damaged Cars From Japan and where do I buy one or go about finding one easily without actually going to Japan myself?

The severity of the damage will determine where the car ends up in Japan basically. If the car is pretty badly damaged it will ultimately be crushed into a block and melted down and turned into an iPhone or Laptop.

If the damage is moderate but still not worth the effort of salvaging the car will be sold by the insurer to a scrap yard where it will be stripped and the parts packed into containers that will head of to New Zealand, Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Kenya, and many more. It’s very hard to find an actual used car parts shop in Japan.

You will come across many shops selling used JDM parts and accessories but rare to find mainstream car parts.

A car that is very lightly damaged such as a door skin or bumper will be repaired under insurance after a long argument on the side of the road by the owners not to mention to 5 to 10 Police who will attend the fender bender.

Crashes and Calling the Police.

Japanese is taught from an extremely young age that if there is and trouble of a legal kind involve the police immediately and traffic accidents are no different. From the most minor to the most severe the Police will attend unless you can bribe your way out quickly.

The moral of this paragraph is don’t have an accident as a foreigner in Japan 🙂 It won’t be just you and the other driver having a nice chat that’s for sure.

Can I buy Damaged Cars and Where are They?

People want damaged cars and the demand for damaged cars from Japan that are destined to go into developing or poorer countries is high. Many other countries such as New Zealand and Australia struggle to accept badly damaged cars just in case they end up being repaired and put back on the road in poor condition. If you do import cars into those countries you best know what you are up against and know what you’re doing.

Most broken or crashed cars here in Japan will end up at auction and will have a zero grade. The auction does not inspect these cars. You the buyer must check the car out yourself.

This means going to the auction wherever it may be here in Japan and looking over the potential car to ascertain what’s required to be spent on the car to bring in back to a useable item once again.

The auctions are the best source of these cars as they are set up to deal with all types of cars and different problems associated with cars.

You must also have someone look at the car for you and do not rely solely on the auction pictures as your guide to the car’s condition. Note that the auction does not write a report on damaged cars so what you see is literally what you get. If you don’t look you will be burnt.

Today, for example, we went to look at this really cool Porsche 911 964 manual with only 22,000 Klm on the speedo.

Slightly Damaged 1990 Porsche 911
Slightly Damaged 1990 Porsche 911

This car looks quite complete in reality and we were sure that it would command a high price. The car looked complete from the photos.

Damaged Porsche 911 964
Damaged Porsche 911 964

We had a customer interested at 2.8 million which was a decent enough price and we went along to the auction to check the car.

Upon viewing the car we noted that the engine room had been on fire at some point and the top intake section of the engine had been removed. This could not be seen from the pictures and the auction description did not mention this. The only way to see was to look at the car.

Damaged Porsche 911 964

So you will find the most damaged cars at auctions in Japan and nearly any auction agent can buy them for you. Make sure that your agent looks at the car first.

Check some out here https://japautoauctions.com/








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