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BMW M5 E60 With The Best V10 Engine Ever Made In a Family Sedan

Dont They Look Menacing In The Rear View Mirror!

BMW E60 M5 V10 Sedan

Make / Model: BMW M5 E60

Year: 2006

Description: Hailed as the one to watch when launched the E60 M5 had to big shoes to fill after replacing the ever-reliable and darn good looking E39. This 4 doors bavarian beast could reach a top speed in excess of 190MPH on a good day with the mirrors back and a good gust of wind.
A totally riveting car with unequaled power at the time was the world's fasted 4 door sedan. Who wouldn't want one?

Year Reviewed: 2006

Mileage At Review: 35,000

Engine Size: 5,000cc V10

Transmission Auto/Man: Man SMGIII

Exported To : Poland,Germany,United Kingdom,New Zealand

Average Cost In Japan: 1.2 ~ 1.7 Million JPY

Tell Us About The Drive/Parking/City/Highway: I bought this car as my very first M5 and was waiting impatiently as any middle-aged man would do when purchasing a car with the best V10 engine every put together by man.

Not really knowing what to expect as it rolled off the transport truck I stood back and admired the sheer size of the car with its shark fin protruding from the roof. The car looked friggen amazing.

Unfortunately, the driver from the transporter came walking up to me stating that the car was pissing out oil from the engine. (New Owner Devastated) Upon starting the car we noted that the bottom oil cooler just behind the front grill had collided with a stone. Straight from the auction and into the repair shop and not driven.

A week later and 85,000 JPY plus 10 liters of Mobil1 oil stuck in the oil we were ready for the drive. Sitting in the car and getting used to the controls was quite daunting. The M5 has a hologram for the driver that's quite hard to find using BMWs command center, but that was more for my ego.

, Out we go and the first notable this was the lurching as the car was deciding what gear it wanted to be in as we drove around town. It was nothing short of horrible. It really didn't matter what gearbox setting we had it was horror. The engine was always willing to perform and I hadn't found the power button at that point.

My wife was amazing! She jumped in the beast and drove it around town like it was a Toyota Corolla but admittedly I doubt she got past 3rd gear.

Starting the engine is poetry to one's ears. Give the gas a squirt and the big 500HP V10 will give you a spanking. I believe the exhaust is Titanium or something but wow what a sound even if its made from wood. The only problem when starting the car actually is the noise emitting from the front and not the rear. At idle the engine sounds as if it's falling apart or has sucked a mouth full of diesel.

Time for the open road with a full tank of gas plus your 10 liters of Mobil1 plus the 500HP sport switch on its time to accelerate. Mother of mercy does this brick of a car fly. The gearbox is changing well and quickly. The suspension stiffens up and the car points eagerly towards any corner you are heading towards. Stay out here at 160Klm and enjoy the car and its sublimely fabulous noise. DONT GO Back to the city.

Reasons To Buy Or Not To Buy: After I initially hated this car for its driving ability around town I subsequently went on to buy another two. In total, I was the proud owner of 3 BMW E60 M5s.
Honestly its hard to give up the sound and that engine. You can put up with the lurching and rattles just for that. This car is also the best looking M5 produced to date in my humble un-qualified opinion.

Car Age At Testing: 6 Years

Keywords: BMW,M5,V10

Zero To 60 Times: 4.3 Seconds

Fuel Type: Gasoline

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Overall Score 0= Bad & 100= Great


  • Design - 77%


  • Performance - 90%


  • Reliability - 73%


  • Used Car Cost - 53%


  • Drive - Open Road - 84%


  • Drive - City - 40%


  • Exterior Style & Spec - 71%


  • Interior Style & Spec - 81%


  • Value For Money 2nd Hand - 77%


  • Technology at That Time - 82%


  • Good Or Bad Re-Sale Value - 79%


  • How Good Does It Look In My Driveway - 80%


  • Do We Like This Car - 86%


  • How Has It Aged - 67%


  • Safety Features - 96%


  • Economy - 63%


  • 2nd Hand Reliability - 74%


  • 2nd Hand Running Cost Per Year - 77%



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Have you driven one of these BMW M5 E60s on the open?

The urge to buy one came along when driving to Nagoya one day in my E39 BMW 540 M sport. In the rearview mirror comes up these two large kidney grills with what I thought to be a young Chinese guy driving. As the car rumbles past I knew it was a must-have. In the years 2000 to 2010, there was not a faster or more attractive 4 door sedan car to buy until The Mercedes Benz E63 AMG came along, but the M5 still looked better.


Great zero to 60 time

Beastly Engine

Handles well for the size

4 out and great sounding exhaust

Comfortable for 5 people



Horrible around town

Gas drops like a stone

The engine can Chernobyl if not cared for

Ugly headlights

Confusing command center


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