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Home Italian Car Reviews The 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider, A Magnificent Jump From the 360 Modena

The 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider, A Magnificent Jump From the 360 Modena

Italian Cars Of This Pedigree Are Always Flamboyant and The F430 Is Certainly That

2009 Ferrari F430 Spider reviewed in Japan

Make / Model: Ferrari F430 Spider

Year: 2009

Description: It's not often that people are stupid enough to buy the same Supercar twice. But yes I was stupid enough! I bought a 2007 Ferrari F430 about 3 years ago but with high mileage. Here is why I bought a near new Spider.

Year Reviewed: 2009

Mileage At Review: 3,780

Engine Size: 4,300cc V8

Transmission Auto/Man: F1 Single Clutch

Exported To : UAE, New Zealand, UK, Croatia

Average Cost In Japan: 10.4 Million + or -

Tell Us About The Drive/Parking/City/Highway: Yes I did buy two Ferrari F430s, but not at the same time. When the First coupe was bought the car had done 41,000 Klm and had a tough old life. I enjoyed the car but really struggled with the mileage and overall condition. The car was sold and a 2012 BMW M3 was in briefly and then a Lamborghini Gallardo Tricolor LP550 2

Not satisfied with the BMW as it was and then not satisfied with the Gallardo as the resale value was plummeting I began yearning for another Ferrari.

My financial situation did not allow me to indulge in the luxury of buying a new Ferrari so I was limited to either buying a 458 Italia with moderate-high mileage or the lowest Klm F430 I could find.

The thought never crossed my mind that I should look into a 360 Modena even though it sounds better and looks nicer. The F430 is technically the better car and doesn't have that darn expensive cambelt change that you must deal with on the 360. Both are Frank Stevenson's designs as you can easily see but the thought of that bigger engine was far too great a drawcard.

I had owned both cars prior and when I remember the 360 Modena I always had a daily dread that the cambelt would fail and it was off to Cornes here in Japan for a 1.5 million JPY repair bill. Decision made it was now time to find the lowest Klm Ferrari F430 with the least amount of money possible in Japan.

Within two days I was visiting a friend who has a workshop in Chiba city who happened to know about a 2009 F430 Spider with only 1,280 Klm driven. This was sounding like the car.

Viewing day and there it was. Not much care had been taken as it had been sitting unkept for some 5 years or so. There was the need to replace all oils, battery and tires and a brake upgrade to new carbon-ceramic. The deal was done and my near-new Ferrari F430 Spider was being driven home. Remember that I know these cars due to prior ownership so there were no real surprises, but it was a Spider!

Around town, the car is easy to use and you soon forget that you're driving a Ferrari unless your parking or opening doors, etc, and then you are quickly reminded about wide doors and low diffusers, etc when reversing. Select your drive mode from the idiot dial on the steering wheel and of you go. I tended to always select race as it engaged the clutch faster and didn't initiate a long slipping time on starting off and reversing. All in all, around town, was no harder than driving a Toyota Supra but some caution should be heeded.

The car at all times with only 1,280 klm felt tight and nimble with that sweet high pitched noise from the engine right behind you. The total package is quite exquisite.

Jump forward onto the expressway and open up the throttle and at about 2,500cc the valves open in the exhaust and a deeper burbling noise will start emitting. This noise grows in-depth to scratch as the RPM increases. It's at this point I note that the noise from the 360 Modena is sweeter, but only just. What the F430 does is immerse you in the cockpit area with a few more options to deal with and moving in and out of traffic is far easier as there are far fewer blind spots than the 360.

This car is fast and the rev counter never seems to stop climbing in numbers. It doesn't feel crazy fast but more manageable fast with a nice bellow from the rear. I do wish that the exhaust note was more constant and didn't pop on and off in the slower RPM.

An Exceptionally nice car and one of the last naturally aspirated V8 engined cars before the rise of the turbo. I don't respect that Jeremy Clarkson referred to it like the idiots Ferrari once when he absolutely loved it once before.

A fabulous car,

Reasons To Buy Or Not To Buy: Well firstly if you by a Ferrari it should be firstly Red, second yellow and lastly blue. I have never owned a Ferrari in another color and why would I. Its Rosso or the highway.
The car turns heads and will have children pointing, screaming and wiping their grubby fingers on it at any chance they get.
Look at the lovely curves and intake areas and see the sculpture that sits before you. This is a car that is truly worthy of looking at in your driveway. Buy one as the depreciation is great as Ferrari made a few too many. What a shame it's so hard to tell the difference between this and a 360.

Car Age At Testing: 10 Years

Keywords: Ferrari, Ferrari F430, 360 Modena, Spider, Italian Cars, Super Cars

Zero To 60 Times: 4.1 Seconds

Fuel Type: Gasoline

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Overall Score 0= Bad & 100= Great


  • Design - 95%


  • Performance - 93%


  • Reliability - 86%


  • Used Car Cost - 67%


  • Drive - Open Road - 95%


  • Drive - City - 74%


  • Exterior Style & Spec - 97%


  • Interior Style & Spec - 82%


  • Value For Money 2nd Hand - 50%


  • Technology at That Time - 88%


  • Good Or Bad Re-Sale Value - 87%


  • Does It Look In My Driveway - 100%


  • Do We Like This Car - 94%


  • Safety Features At That Year - 89%


  • Economy - 81%


  • 2nd Hand Reliability - 84%


  • 2nd Hand Running Costs Per Year - 72%



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Good Italian Fun At A Price That Reaches The Mortals Wallet

Yes the Ferrari F430 is a Ferrari that you can afford. People are no longer afraid to do higher mileages in Ferraris these days so this is helping to drive the second-hand price down as production volume increases also contributing to depreciation of these more massively produced prancing stallions. If you are one with a spare 70K in your pocket or the bank is generous its now your time to own a Ferrari.


Looks Great

Sounds Magical

It Has a Wow Cheap Second Hand Price

The Drive Is Wonderful

It’s a Ferrari

You Wont Get Tired Of Looking At This Car

No Cambelt

Reasonable Maintenance Costs



Easily confused with A 360 Modena

Sits too high

Sound can be inconsistent

Huge depreciation still

Leather can lift a pull on the dash

Sticky Buttons (annoying)



  1. Just a Big wow man


    We see these cars all the time in Florida. I have just realized that I may have been looking at a Ferrari 360 Modena all this time.


    • The best Colour is red


    • I have nothing

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