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Is This The Best SuperCar Ever Made?

The Nissan GTR Has to be the GO in Godzilla

Nissan GTR available in Japan

Make / Model: Nissan

Year: 2008

Description: The Nissan GTR R38 came out in 2008 replacing the ever-popular R34. Yes, they missed the R35, R36, and R37 and progressed straight up into sheer madness.
This car as you all know by now is powered by a 3.8 Liter V6 twin-turbocharged petrol gobbling engine mated to am 8-speed twin-clutch manual gearbox.

Year Reviewed: 2008

Mileage At Review: 56,800 Klm

Engine Size: 3,800cc

Transmission Auto/Man: Man Twin Clutch

Exported To : Russia, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom

Average Cost In Japan: 2.5 ~ 3.5 Million JPY

Tell Us About The Drive/Parking/City/Highway: Ask how it drives and you think about how a car this heavy can go around corners the way it does. The car accelerates at headache-causing speeds and will send you into corners concerned that the tires will come off from the rims.

The speed at which this car can go into a corner is nauseating, to say the least, and not for the faint at heart. Click 3 buttons on the dashboard to initiate Launch Control and the GTR will accelerate you from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds. Now that time is faster than a Ferrari F430 at the same error and you can only use Launch Control once in the Ferrari before its knackered according to a famous English motoring journalist.

This car is not about straight lines. It's all about corners. Yes, corners. Its made to go really fast around them. It doesn't like corners it loves them. Nissan packed so many gadgets into this car that it knows what's going on before you can see the next 50 meters ahead.

It can check your acceleration, braking, wheel movements, bumps in the road and G forces and will then react accordingly while you drink a cup of tea. This can all be done up to the GTRs limited speed of 180Klm. Get the car on a race track and the GPS switches off and the GTR goes into the mad mode.

Have fun while your there but don't cry when you don't hear much exhaust sound. The Supercar didn't make it to the back of the car sadly.

Reasons To Buy Or Not To Buy: This car will look good in anyone's driveway if parked next to a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Toyota Vitz. It is the car you buy for around town as the Porsche Turbo is your weekend driver. However, when that Porsche turbo driver really wants to have fun without destroying his $200,000 Porsche he will take out the GTR.

This car is the average Joe Supercar that can be purchased for under $30,000. You can take it home and throw some cheap aftermarket parts on it and pull up beside any sports car of the new millennium and scare the driver beside you. Just don't expect too much noise from the back of the car as you do so

Car Age At Testing: 7 years

Keywords: Nissan, GTR, Nissan GTR, Supercar Reviews,

Zero To 60 Times: 3.8 Seconds

Fuel Type: Gasoline

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Overall Score 0= Bad & 100= Great


  • Design - 82%


  • Performance VS Value - 95%


  • Reliability - 91%


  • Used Car Cost - 65%


  • Drive - Open Road - 95%


  • Drive - City - 65%


  • Exterior - 80%


  • Interior - 79%


  • Value For Money - 95%


  • Technology At That Year - 90%


  • Good Or Bad Re-Sale Value - 85%


  • How Good Does It Look In My Driveway - 100%


  • Do We Like This Car - 88%


  • Safety Features - 92%


  • Economy - 77%


  • 2nd Hand Reliability - 89%


  • 2nd Hand Running Costs Per Year - 84%



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Supercar for $30,000 bucks. Come on they dont exist.

How did this happen? Nissan simply rolls out a supercar that can rival or beat a Porche 911 turbo! The 911 is 3x the price. Do the math and the Nissan wins. However, if you have the money you will probably have both with the Porche as your show car and the GTR your daily driver.


Sublime Cornering

Acceleration that’s Heart-Stopping

Easily Modded

Great Value 2nd Hand

Will Look Great in My Driveway

Fabulous Engine and Gearbox




Too Much Interior Plastic

No Supercar Noise

Some Say Too Heavy

Nobody Cares Anymore

Ugly to Most People

Questionable Fuel Economy


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