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The Kei Truck From Japan Is The King Of Trucks

Yes, the Japanese Kei truck is king. But the king of what? Well, the first thing that comes or springs to one’s mind is the sheer versatility of this great truck and the model variants available on the market here in Japan.

I don’t know them all but you can get the Kei truck in the following configurations and often these overlap each other.

  • 2wd
  • 4wd
  • Camper
  • 2wd tip truck
  • 4wd tip truck
  • 4wd Hiab
  • Hoist truck
  • Dual cab
  • Van
  • 2wd van
  • 4wd van
  • Power gate lift

And the list I am sure would grow longer if I was not on a plane at 34,000 Feet trying to remember the multitude of options available to the Kei truck buyer here in Japan.

The oddest thing is that Kei trucks have not really grown in popularity globally except in Canada for example where the Kei truck is revered almost to the point of Maple syrup or Celine Dion. Other countries are starting to embrace the little Kei vehicle such as the USA and the UK but in very limited numbers. The Kei truck really comes into its own in countries such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan where demand is high and the price of the almighty Kei truck is small.

Safety is the main reason most modern countries have not embraced the king of small trucks. There is simply a sliver of the thinnest steel between you and the outside world if you are in the unfortunate position of an accident and that sliver of steel is going to hurt like hell.

Most advanced countries can’t accept this no matter how many airbags (2x) a modern little Kei has. In a nutshell its a sufficiently dangerous vehicle if you were to have a head-on collision. So in the eyes of public safety, it’s far better not to have them on your roads if you have a choice. (opinion)

However given the fact that you are allowed to import a great little Kei truck from Japan, you should jump for joy and avoid head-on collisions as frequently as possible while doing so. Your Kei truck will bring you not only immense joy but also great fuel economy and envy from your friends driving petrol hungry large trucks.

I can fill up my Suzuki Every 2WD truck for 4,000 JPY from empty and can drive close to 400 klm on a single tank of regular gasoline. I also love my airbag that is the only thing other than a very thin sliver of steel protecting me from the dangers ahead.

Go get yourself a Kei truck here https://carauctionsjapan.com/

Japanese Kei Truck is King
Japanese Kei Truck is King


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