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Christmas Dinner with the Ferrari Japan Owners Club

Last weekend at some financial cost I was invited to participate in the 5th Christmas dinner for the Ferrari Owners Club Japan.

A star-studded event with the who is who of Ferrari owners including a gay opera singer whose range went from baritone to soprano, which was quite astonishing.

The Ferrari 812 GTS with its 789HP is quite an amazing look.

There were 3 dishes that night and all were surprisingly small but tasty. Two dishes were fish related to the main which was nothing more than a pathetic antre consisting of a slice of beef, some sauce, and two vegetables.

It is not rare for the club to serve such small portions and this Gala Dinner was no exception. With a good looking menu that was there to tease you one could only expect to be surprised when the food arrived. Sadly no surprises.

Meal Menu at the Ferrari Owners Club Christmas Dinner
Expect some fish on any Japanese menu

I was very happy the mealtime was over after taking my wife’s main meal hostage as she wore out her tongue talking to her neighbor while consuming far too much champagne.

There was even a Ferrari 812 GTS in the Audience.

Secretly under wraps was a dark metallic silver Ferrari sitting in the middle of the crowd.

I managed to snag a picture of some Kimono clad lady posing next to it. She was not a Ferrari model or anything but a sometimes Ferrari passenger I recognized.

Ferrari 812 GTS at the Ferrari owners club gala dinner
Japanese Lady next to a stunning Ferrari 812 GTS in Japan

All in all a fun evening was had. It was entertaining with inviting speeches in Japanese that I did not understand and all over a class act.

I can’t wait for the next Ferrari Christmas Gala dinner 2020.



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