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How About Your Meal At A Japanese Cafe

I have currently been living in the Land Of the Rising Sun (Japan) for close to 16 years. I understand little of the spoken word either through ignorance or a lack of language skills, but in reality, people around me all speak English. So it makes learning Japanese somewhat irrelevant.

Sadly with a lack of the spoken language going out to eat at local restaurants and cafes is subsequently compounded in frustration as I can’t read the language either.

Car in japan goes out for dinner at a local chiba cafe.

I am no Japanese culture geek and didn’t come here to suck up thousands of years of Japanese tradition which most Japanese don’t give a damn about anyway. I came here to start with a new life and hopefully a new challenge in the automotive industry directly from Japan instead of struggling away back in New Zealand.

So going anywhere in Japan as a non-geek is fraught with challenges and diversities that keep an old man on his toes. Recently we went to a local fish restaurant which is hugely popular and I ordered the pork obviously. Looking up I see these wooden boards and ask my wife what they are and she promptly states that its part of the menu.

Very novel and a learning curve to be avoided for the old boy. But it looks so very cool hanging there.

Go to dinner at a local Japanese Restaurant
Go to dinner at a local Japanese Restaurant


I have never been a keen fish eater. Recently I asked myself what the hell was I thinking moving here.

The Car In Japan Guy

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